Montreal Fromagerie: Cristel.andthebee

Our story begins…

Cristel opened her little cheese shop 8 years before. She had always dreamed of opening her own business, but she wasn’t sure what it would be.She thought about what she loves. She loves service; the idea of meeting people. She loves her community; the idea of giving back to people. And she loves cheese; good artisanal cheese. She realized that what her neighbourhood was missing was good, fresh, local cheese! This is when Copette & Cie was born.

Fromagerie – Copette and Cie
Verdun, Montreal

Fromagerie Montreal Cheese Local Verdun


A look inside the shop
Cheese isn’t the only thing you can find. Fresh bread, coffee, and deli meat are also found in the aromas of the shop. However if you’re there for the cheese, there are 250 to choose from. Cristel tries her best to support as local as possible with 75% of her products coming from Quebec. And shows her admiration for her community by always looking for healthy and unique products. Cristel looks for the history behind products. Where they came from, and how they have been made. local cheese montreal verdun

On Sundays you can join them for some homemade waffles!

Local Bread Montreal Verdun Cheese

Some thoughts on the importance of supporting local
For Cristel, buying local means creating a community; and selling local means giving people an experience. Giving people an option to walk down the street when they need something, instead of having to drive to the next neighbourhood. It’s about bringing together neighbours and providing them with close-to-home activities. She believes people should encourage this idea. She has helped her neighbourhood develop, and she hopes that in a very near future, everything that people need will be right here on her street.

local cheese montreal verdun

If you could have a coffee with any person (living or dead) who would it be and why ?

Cristel replied:  *translated from French*

“Actually I don’t know his name. But it’s the creator of the shop Dean & Deluca in New York. It’s magnificent. If there is something I would like my shop to be like; it would to be like them. They were the ones who truly inspired me. I would love to know how he did it all. It’s very interesting. There are lots of interesting shops, but this one is particular. I believe visually the products have to be appealing as well. It has to be appealing so you buy it, then take it home and then enjoy it. It’s what gives it the good taste. So it would be interesting to ask him what he did, and where he got his ideas. Maybe one day hey?”

Shop Information:

4650 Wellington

Verdun, Montreal, Quebec.
H4G 1W9

Phone number:
(514) 761-2727

Closed on Mondays

Tuesday – Friday : 7:30 – 18:30

Saturday – Sunday : 8:00 – 17:00

cheese shop montreal local verdun
*Cristel showed her generosity by letting me sample some cheeses and packaging them up for me to take home.
Absolutely delicious!!!

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local cheese shop montreal verdun


Agent: Emilie “The Bee” Bradford;
Mission: Travel the globe to discover positive and new information on how to live abundantly in harmony with the Earth
Objective: To encourage the world to support the passions of their neighbours, to give more than they take, and to live positively.

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