Permaculture Design Certificate Grad :: What To Do After

So you’ve completed your Permaculture Design Certificate. You’re probably full of emotions; sad to say goodbye to a group you grew close with but excited to apply your new permaculture knowledge in real life situations. But… What exactly are these real-life situations? And do you even feel finished with learning? Where can you apply this knowledge? Where can you get more!? Oh, the feeling of a lost little puppy is pretty normal, I think, for a lot of people coming out with their Permaculture Design Certificate. It happened to me (actually it continues happening to me), and I have spent a lot of time on research on how I can further my education in Permaculture, and where I can start applying and practising my skills. So here you have the ultimate list that can help you figure out what exactly to do after you complete your Permaculture Design Certificate. 

I will continue to update this list as more opportunities appear, and I encourage you to leave a comment in the comment section at the bottom if you know of an opportunity that I haven’t listed.


Permaculture Design Certificate Grad
What to do after??

Permaculture Design Certificate Grad What to do After PDC

Disclaimer: I am not recommending any of the courses below to be the perfect course for your needs. Therefore, if you are unhappy with one of the courses listed below, I am not held responsible. This is only a resource to simplify the research needed to find furthering education possibilities for the Permaculture Design Certificate grad.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links for Etsy. No extra charge to you or the seller, only a small commission that goes to my coffee fund. (I went through a lot of coffee writing this post…)


Hey you!
Permaculture Design Certificate Grad!
Let’s build this list together!

Leave a comment below with the name & link of the program/internship/course/etc. that you know of.

Please note that I have put the prices in the currency that they have been advertised. Therefore, look carefully at what currency the project you’re interested in is listed under. Also, prices are those that were listed when I did the research. I will do my best to update prices as time goes on but also understand that prices will change.


Please also note, Permaculture Design Certificate Grad, if you are reading this post in the future, that the links may possibly bring you to a course page that has already passed. However, it is most likely going to be offered again at a future date. Explore the website to find upcoming courses, or simply send an email to ask when it will be available again if it interests you.

Permaculture Design Certificate Grad What to do After PDC
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Advanced Permaculture Courses
for the Permaculture Design Certificate Grad

So you want to further your knowledge in Permaculture? You got the gist of it, but it “gist” isn’t enough? (hilarious.) Well here is a compilation of advanced permaculture courses that are offered to people who already have their Permaculture Design Certificates and are curious for more.


India: Aranya- Advanced Permaculture Design Training
“We are excited to offer a limited number of places on the four thematic streams as one-week Advanced Permaculture Design Trainings. Participants who already hold a PDC Certificate can choose between Agriculture, Earthworks and Water, Social Permaculture, and Urban Permaculture for their Advanced Permaculture Design Training.”
COST: Standard rate: INR 52,000.- (US$ 800.-) : Support rate: INR 64,000.- (US$ 1,000.-)


Australasian Permaculture Convergence- Advanced Permaculture Design Course
Every so often there is an Advanced Permaculture Design Course in Australia. The link will lead you to the “courses” page on the APC13 website so you can keep up to date about what courses are being offered when, and where.
COST : n/a

Good Life Permaculture- Advanced Courses & Specific Courses
Keep up to date with the Good Life Permaculture event calendar to see if they have any advanced permaculture courses coming up, or send them an email to ask!
COST : n/a

Telopea Mountain- Advanced Permaculture Skills Certificate
A practical course for permies who wish to further develop their skills. Subjects covered include; water needs of fruiting plants, soils & hot compost, heritage fruit trees, small-scale animal management, and more.
Cost: $1500

Permaculture College Austrailia- Advanced Permaculture Courses
Advanced courses and masterclass workshops such as; advanced design skill, social permaculture, permaculture in sustainable aid work.
COST: n/a


Denmark: GeoLiv- Advanced Permaculture Design
Designed to deepen your knowledge in the application of ethics, principles and design tools.
COST: 3000

Portugal: O Fojo- 200+ Advanced Permaculture Design Course
An innovative course format with the Permaculture theory by the mornings and the Permaculture, natural building, appropriate technologies, gardening, animals, complementary tools, design skills, free-thinking, economy, personal permaculture design and much more in the afternoons and nights.
COST: n/a

Romania: Amurtel- Advanced Permaculture Design Course
“The advanced skills will include making and presenting professional designs, understanding and working with local legislations, etc. The course will be a chance for people who have already done a course to work with professional designers as we make a real design.”
COST: n/a

North America

USA: The Resilience Hub- Advanced Permaculture Design Course
A course for PDC grads to further their knowledge in Permaculture. It includes; 2 three-day-weekends to dive deeper into permaculture studies, 3 one-day electives, participation in small group design studio time, private mentoring, a live client design and a public gallery event to show off what you learned. This course is typically offered once every other year.
COST: n/a

USA: Kinstone- Advanced Permaculture Design Certificate
Learn how to build & design your property into a permaculture paradise. Get the skills needed to create an ecologically balanced residence and abundant lifestyle.
COST: Early bird: $1,350   After: $1,500

USA: Shades of Green- Advanced Permaculture Workshop Series
Edible landscaping, Build your own structural pollinator meadow, annual gardening, building a home apothecary are some of the workshop titles.
COST: $200 All 4 workshops

USA: Regenerative Design Studio- Advanced Permaculture Design Studio
Activism and education are combined in this advanced workshop. Attention is put on both physical infrastructure as well as the organizational, social, and financial capital needed.
COST: Early bird: $495  After: $595

USA: Center for BioRegional Living- Advanced Hands-On Permaculture Course
Check out these workshops to improve your skills in the themes of; natural building, whole site design, water in the land & biodynamic gardening.
COST: n/a

USA: Prospect Rock Permaculture- Advanced Permaculture Design Course
Design and implement your work in an advanced design course. Contact them if you’d like to receive your APDC during one of your projects, or to see a list of pre-existing projects to take on.
COST: n/a

USA: SEEDS- Advanced Permaculture Courses
Send them a message to see when their next available courses are. Advanced permaculture design, as well as advanced teacher training.
COST: n/a

Permaculture Design Certificate Grad What to do After PDC
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Permaculture Teacher Training
for the Permaculture Design Certificate Grad


Australasia Permaculture Convergence- Advanced Permaculture Teaching Course
Every so often there is an Advanced Permaculture Teaching Course in Australia. The link will lead you to the “courses” page on the APC13 website so you can keep up to date about what courses are being offered when, and where.
COST: $700.00

Permaculture College Australia- Permaculture Teacher Training and Facilitation
Improve your teaching skills, sharing skills and facilitation skills with this awesome Teacher Training program in beautiful Australia. Receive proper evaluations of your teaching skills and a certificate of completion.
COST: $875.00

Candlelight Farm- Advanced Permaculture Teaching Course
Increase your permaculture experience and learn the skills to share your knowledge. Build confidence as a permaculture teacher with this advanced teaching course. *HINT: Click on the small image on the right of the page to see more information*
COST: $600

North America

USA: Cascadia Permaculture- Advanced Permaculture Course in Teaching
Learn important teaching techniques to improve your ability to share your knowledge of Permaculture. In this advanced course you can expect; skill-building exercises, improvement of critical thinking, how to ask important questions, how to keep participants engaged, teaching strategies and methods, and more.
COST: n/a

USA: Wilson Creek Garden- Permaculture Teacher Training Program
An interactive course that includes topics such as; Philosophy and Ethics of Instruction, Curriculum and Lesson Plan Development, Utilizing Media and Activities, Evaluations and Feedback, and so much more. This is a certificate program.
COST: $925 

USA: The Boulder Beet- Advanced Permaculture Teacher Training Courses
“The power of holistic problem-solving is all around us but seen by few. Learn to cultivate in yourself and others.”
COST: n/a

USA: Permaculture Skills Center- Teacher Training for Women
“In this unique and innovative program, we explore diversity and leadership while building our confidence. We practice teaching permaculture for various formats, from introductory workshops, special topics, and short courses, to the core Permaculture Design Certificate course.”
COST: Early Bird: $595 – Regular: $695


India: IPC- Permaculture Teacher Training
An empowering course to help yourself strengthen your teaching skills and passing on the knowledge of Permaculture. A chance to learn significant techniques to communicate permaculture principles. An active learning experience.
COST: Standard rate : 1000 USD / 68,400 INR – Reduced rate 1: 600 USD / 44,500 INR -Reduced rate 2 : 450 USD / 30,800 INR

Permaculture Design Certificate Grad What to do After PDC
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Online Permaculture Courses
for the Permaculture Design Certificate Grad

Acsedu – Advanced Permaculture Course
This is an online course consisting of 10 lessons that can be completed in an average of 100 hours. The lessons include; Evaluating Design Strategies, Understanding Patterns, Water, Earthworks, Humid Tropics, Dry Climates, Temperate to Cold Climates, Planning Work, Costing & Sustainable Systems. Each lesson is completed with an assignment that is reviewed by a tutor and returned to you with suggestions and comments.
COST: £355.00

Acsedu – Horticulture & Permaculture Course
This is a course offered to broaden your knowledge on the Horticulture side of things. This will help your ability to design productive permaculture systems. The lessons include; Introduction to Plants, Parts of the Plant, Planting, Pruning, Irrigation & Machinery, Soils & Media, Soils & Nutrition, Propagation – Seeds & Cuttings, Propagation – Other Techniques, Identification and Use of Plants, Pests, Diseases, Weeds, as well as Permaculture Systems.
COST: £1,159.00

GaiaCraft – Advanced Permaculture Design Program
Advanced permaculture curriculum including a 2-year mapping and design project of your choice, optional seasonal in-person meetups, core readings, connections with other permaculturists and mentor advice.
COST: $444

Permaculture Design Certificate Grad What to do After PDC
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Permaculture Internships & Apprenticeships
for the Permaculture Design Certificate Grad

Ridgedale Permaculture – 2 Month Regenerative Agriculture Internship
Keep up to date with Ridgedale Permaculture to see when their next internship will be. Learn what it really takes to design and maintain a farm. The internship includes; farm-scale permaculture design certificate, introduction to holistic management & integrated animal systems, butchering large animals, poultry processing, keyline design, water management, agroforestry & perennial cropping, market gardening, regenerating soil & more.
WHERE: Sweden
6,000 SEK / Deposit – 33,500 SEK Balance
(33,500 SEK is approx. 5,000 CAD)

PanyaProject- Natural Building & Permaculture Internship
Check out when PanyaProject is offering their internship program to enjoy a unique experience. This 2-week program will teach you; hands-on experience in natural building, an intro to permaculture design and practical session and a chance to meet other like-minded people.
WHERE: Thailand
COST: $450

Prospect Rock Permaculture- Internship Opportunities
Nursery/Tree Crop Internship, Building Internship, Vegetable Production Position, and more offered.
COST: n/a

Zaytuna Farm- Practical Permaculture Management Apprentice Program
An intense 1-year apprenticeship at the Zaytuna Farm is for the real Permaculture farmer enthusiast. This labour-intensive program includes teaching about; animal systems, plant systems, earth, energy, and water systems, and operation and maintenance. Better your observation skills and receive consultations from head Permaculturists.
WHERE: Australia
COST: n/a 

KibbutzLotan- Green Apprenticeship
A 4-week apprenticeship that includes topics such as; alternative technologies, sustainable agriculture, natural building, regenerative community development, permaculture & ecological design.
WHERE: Isreal
COST: $2,030USD

Permaculture College Austrailia- Internships & Volunteers
Learn to care for gardens, care for animals, maintain the grounds, and be involved with other interns and volunteers.
WHERE: Australia
COST: $635 deposit which will be fully refunded- So free of charge essentially.

Permaculture Design Certificate Grad What to do After PDC
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Other Ideas
for the Permaculture Design Certificate Grad

NZ: Earthcare Education Aotearoa- Design of Ecovillages & Land-Based Communities
A course teaching methods on how to design an ecovillage/land-based community using permaculture design principles. You will learn about site analysis, internal zoning, collective infrastructure, and so much more.
COST: $ 275/400/525
(“Prices are based on a 3-tiered sliding scale according to income & financial means. The sliding scale of 3 price levels (above) is a method of enabling those less able (eg students, lower income earners) to get a significantly discounted rate, whilst providing the opportunity for those abler (professional) to pay the full fee. Participants choose themselves which cost bracket they feel appropriate to pay.”)

USA: Siskiyou Permaculture- Advanced Permaculture Course in Botany
“a 6-day field intensive designed to a be an essential part of training for stewards of earth repair, practitioners of Social Forestry or simply an opportunity to delve into the world of plants.”
COST: Early Bird: $625 After: $725

USA: Siskiyou Permaculture- Advanced Optical Surveying
“teaches the use of surveying tools, keyline, mapping, flagging, staking, trails, ponds, swale building, pump lift, water pressure, tools practice and the use of surveying applications for permaculture projects.”
COST: Early Bird $525 After $625

Kenya: PRI Kenya- Advanced Earthworks Certificate Course
The course will be a mixture of classroom theory and on-site application. Better your understanding of; swales, erosion, gullies dams siting, infiltration basin building, stream dynamics, watershed calculations, tools for earthworks & soil health, and more.
COST: East Africans – 85,000Ksh – International Students: 1,000USD

Permaculture Design Certificate Grad What to do After PDC
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More Online Resources
for the Permaculture Design Certificate Grad

Click here to join me through my PDC journey!

Permaculture Design Certificate Grad What to do After PDCPermaculture Design Certificate Grad What to do After PDCPermaculture Design Certificate Grad What to do After PDCPermaculture Design Certificate Grad What to do After PDCPermaculture Design Certificate Grad What to do After PDC








Permaculture Design Certificate Grad What to do After PDC











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Permaculture Design Certificate Grad,
I sincerely hope you enjoyed this article!
There are so many resources out there, and more and more are coming out. So of course, I haven’t got them all, but if you know of one that I’ve missed,
leave a comment below and I will gladly add it to the list.
Together we can share our resources and help each other become better permaculturists and better stewards of the Earth.



Permaculture Design Certificate Grad What to do After PDC
Permaculture Design Certificate Grad
What to do after your PDC




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