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andthebee had the opportunity to write a guest post for The Historical Cooking Project. It talks about the origins of local food and it’s effects on the environment, the economy, and the health of human beings. To learn more about the history of local food and tips on how to eat more locally, click the blog post below!

eat local guest post for the historical cooking project
“We hear about “eating local” and “local food” a lot. But what does that actually mean? And what are the historical origins? Today’s post is co-written with local food blogger of And the Bee, Emilie Bradford…” Click here to read the full blog post on; The Historical Cooking Project.



The Historical Cooking Project is a blog written and edited by my good friend Alex Ketchum.

“The Historical Cooking Project showcases new scholarship on the study of food throughout history. We are an interdisciplinary organization that publishes new content every week. Our material challenges the division between the academic and public history. You can also find us on Twitter or Instagram under the name @historicalcooks.”
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Agent: Emilie “The Bee” Bradford;
Mission: Travel the globe to discover positive and new information on how to live abundantly in harmony with the Earth
Objective: To encourage the world to support the passions of their neighbours, to give more than they take, and to live positively.

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