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How are you?!
What are you up to today?
Got a free moment?
I’d love to inspire you if you do!
Or at least entertain!
Maybe I could help you out with a problem you’re having!
Or show you some memories from traveling the world!
Or we could talk about…
being environmentally-friendly and supporting local!
Well… I’ll let you choose your own adventure!

andthebee about me

about the blog andthebee

Here at andthebee there’s a lot going on.
I have so many passions, and it brings me pleasure to share these with others. If my blog can inspire you, make you smile and laugh, make you think and wonder, help you with a problem, or just entertain you; I am content.

I’m having so much fun offering ideas on how to support local,
giving eco-tips on how to be environmentally friendly,
sharing my new knowledge on permaculture,
and rambling about my many hobbies; like Circus!

Any questions? Send me an email!

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andthebee blog about me


andthebee blog about me
Emilie Marguerite
is an opinionated girl whose left eye is larger than her right. She compliments this by not matching her earrings. She enjoys dirt, miniature-anythings, and talking about herself in the third person. She finds this to be a most-pleasant brain exercise of sentence structure vs. the normality of not having to think when you speak. She believes repetitive routine is the first step towards turning “zombie”. She believes the second step is a sincere enjoyment of human flesh. When Emilie was young she put maple syrup on everything she ate.
Since then, nothing has changed.

andthebee blog about me


If you were to ask her what she does, she would likely respond by saying… “I change locations frequently. I light things on fire and spin them really fast. I dance, I eat, I sleep, I learn. But what I’m doing right now, is top secret.” You see, Emilie is currently working on a new mission. She refers to it as Mission: Rekonection. For Emilie, it is time to reconnect with the Earth, learn to nourish it and to allow it to nourish her. She plans to learn how to live as self-sufficiently as she can, to support locally and to think environmentally friendly.


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andthebee blog about me